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Even from a young age I loved Everything about homes. But it wasn't until I got older I realized I could use that love to provide for my family but also help people!

Growing up, I was the handyman around the house.  My dad didn't enjoy fixing or working on home projects, so I would research how to fix small home issues and help make our home function.  Granted, they weren't the most professional looking repairs.  I loved figuring it out and potentially saving my parents some money.  

As I got older, I found other things I loved doing as well.  I loved teaching.  I served an ecclesiastical mission and found that working with people and helping them improve their lives brought me true joy! So from that point I knew I needed a job were my focus was on people. 

So, I decided I would be a teacher!  I could teach and help kids better their lives and hopefully have a lasting impact.  So I started working at schools to see how it would feel to do this as a career.  I quickly found that my personality needed a different career; but I found the important qualities of a job I wanted. 

At this chapter I put my two loves together and searched for a career that would provide the life style I wanted with my family.  There were trade professions and on the opposite spectrum there was lending for homes.  Neither of those quite fit what I was hoping to do.  Then my father-in-law and mother-in-law suggested being a Real Estate Agent. 

Welcome to Brigham Brick Ramblers 

Chances are you are here because you are thinking of selling or just trying to keep informed on the market of Brick Ramblers.

Either way, I am glad you made it! 

Brick Rambler in Brigham City are one of the most common homes.  As I was helping clients, I realized that there wasn't anyone who specialized in this home type and could be a resource for these specific home owners.  That's a large group of individuals and families that could use somebody in their corner even if it's just keeping them up to date on when to change furnace filters. 

That is why I started Brigham Brick Homes newsletter.  

Starting out had a steep learning curve.  It takes a while to become a professional

I dove right in! No one in my immediate family had done any type of career like this.  I jumped in thinking that I could just be friendly and would have plenty of clients I could help.  I definitely had some family and friends that helped me out and used me as their agent.  I learned quickly how helpful I could be to these clients, but I also learned how my mistakes could add extra stress and cause a financial burden.  

I had a client that I was helping move from one house into a bigger home and closing at the same time.  It quickly became rocky as the buyer of their home fell out not just once, but multiple times as they were under contract for purchasing a home.  Their contracts became stressful for them especially as they sold their home but hadn't yet secured the purchase of their next home and had to live in a trailer for a weekend.  

I found that as I gained more experience I could have helped them avoid that whole situation if we had better negotiated and planned. 

From that experienced I realized that I wanted to help individuals and families in those circumstances and be a resource they could count on. 

Why Brick Ramblers?

I'm glad you asked! 

From that experience with those clients I found out my true value as an agent.  Within the past year, a major chunk of transactions I helped clients with had to do with Brick Ramblers here in Brigham City and were the people I felt I could most relate with. 

I found that many sellers of these homes were using agents from out of town who didn't know the Brigham market and didn't know the unique nature of these type of homes. 

So I took action!  I could be the resource in your corner, helping you take care of your home, update it so that you have the most value, and (if needed) sell it and get into a different home. 

You're Still Here?

You read through my whole story?  I appreciate that!  It isn't the most exciting story but now you know why I do what I do.  

I have researched and made myself a specialist in Brick Ramblers.  I know the normal maintenance needed on them.  I know common repairs, loans they qualify for, and the types of buyers they will be attracting. I know market pricing.  They are the main focus of my profession. 

If you want to be on my newsletter and get weekly updates that could help you be an informed brick rambler owner, click the button to the right!



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