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3 HVAC Maintenance Items for the Summer.

Updated: May 20, 2021

I think it is safe to say that summer is here. Luckily we live in modern times where outside can be extremely hot, we control the environment inside of our homes. That comes from the invention of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). This is the main system in your home that has a network of vents that channel the flow of air to every room. It has a furnace (which is where a fan pumps air around your home and it heats air) and an A/C unit (on the outside of your home that cools the air), and vents. Typically you can see a furnace without and A/C but it is much less common to find an A/C without a furnace. These systems require maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently and to have a long lifespan.

Before we go much further, I wanted to clarify that I am not licensed in HVAC systems. I am just sharing my knowledge plus any of the additional research I have done to provide this maintenance list. I do appreciate your time as you read through this list. If you have any further questions please reach out and I can connect you with a specialist who is licensed. Thanks again.

There are many different components that go into this intricate system. Many require a specific knowledge to know how to repair. But there are little things that you can do to maintain your system. To best maintain it you'll need to know the basics of how it functions.

First it sucks air in. Usually through an air return pulling it toward it's main unit. As it pulls air in you will have a filter that cleans the air it is pulling in. As it is going through the main unit that is where it will heat or cool your air. Heating creates exhaust that will need to be properly vented to the outside. At the same time air is pulled in it is also being pushed through ducts to the rest of the home. It has been filtered and had the temperature changed. You'll also have electrical components that cause the furnace to function(such as a thermostat, this is one of the first things to check if there is an issue). To cool your air you'll have an outside unit.


Now for the things you should do to maintain your system. First is the filter. I stated this back in March for my spring maintenance items. Check that blog out here. Change those filters. They are literally pulling junk from the air before it pumps it to the rest of your home. That filter is going to get gross. There are many different types of filters that block different items in the air. They're typically pretty cheap and it is suggested that you change them out every three months. I suggest doing them on the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th months. So change your filter if you haven't already. That will keep your air cleaner and it will be easier for your system to draw air into your home therefore extending its life. The filter is usually found between where the air returns are feeding into your main unit.


Next is your outside unit. This one is exposed to all the elements. It is usually sitting on a cement pad. Things to check, First, check and make sure it is sitting flat on the pad and that the pad isn't sinking causing strain on the unit's connections to the home. Second, make sure it is clean and can push air in. Get rid of any foliage that is suffocating it. Do not power wash it. The safest is just hand washing and clearing it out. Make sure it's inside fan can spin. It isn't a bad idea to get a cover for it in the winter to keep it from getting excessive moisture on the inside (or damage from snow).


Get your system professionally serviced at least once a year. They will come and check the motor, its pilot light, the a/c unit, and more to make sure it is functioning. They will also clean parts I don't even know are there. It is also good to ask them if they feel you need your vents cleaned. Debris will fall into your vents and that could be hazardous. So I would ask them if you should pay to get a vent cleaner there, especially if it is an older home.

Those are the three big ones that you can easily do and it will help keep your system operating at 100% and lengthen is life expectancy. If you have questions on the value of your home please check this page out.

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