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How the Heck to Buy a Home!

I want to go over the buying process and some of the expenses. Here is the video of me reviewing an info graph depicting how to accomplish that. I'll also include a simple list of out of pocket cost.

Out of pocket costs

  1. Earnest Money (whatever you choose it to be, I suggest staying above $500 and keeping it around 1% of the offer price)

  2. Home Inspection (These range from about $300 to as high of a package you buy. Plan around $400)

  3. Appraisal (These prices again vary by appraiser but you're looking at about $400. Some lenders include appraisal in the closing costs)

  4. Closing Costs (Varies depending on lender and their fees. These fees typically include title costs. For a $300,000 home, a common amount I see is $4000)

When purchasing a home you can possible ask for the seller to pay for some of these fees,(closing costs, Home warranty, etc.) They cannot pay your earnest money. Remember that is very conditional upon each seller. If they are willing to do pay those fees and if there is competition for the property. So it's safer to save up for the whole amount unless the market slows down to a more buyer friendly pace.

If you have any further questions, reach out to me. Schedule a phone call or you can email me at

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