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Why Real Estate?

What a question! I'm asked this a lot of times from different people. They were all asking for different reasons. I am a Real Estate Investor, Builder, and Agent. So my life revolves around homes. And I've been asked why quite a bit. I've been thinking about it and I thought the conclusions I came to could prove beneficial to others.

Let me highlight my career and what exactly I do and how I got here. From there you will gain a greater understanding.

I grew up in a home where my Dad is an educator and my Mom is a dental assistant. They had done some Real Estate Investing but when 2008 hit they decided it was a risky market and mostly focused on their careers. I do not come from a family of entrepreneurs or of risky investors. I came from a financially safe family. But one thing that was very important to my parents was out home. We had a nice home and they always kept it in great shape and updated so that it held the most of its value. (and was easier to live in)

I always had a desires to work with my hands. I would try and be the one to fix things around the house and all of my jobs before my career were manual labor jobs. It is what I seemed to enjoy and be good at. I also have a love for teaching. I served and ecclesiastical mission and when there I realized I liked teaching teenagers. They were exciting and fun to be around. (though difficult at times) So seeing that teaching had taken care of my family growing up, I thought it would be a nice and secure way of taking care of my future family.

While getting my education I worked at some middle schools just to start my networking amount a school district and to find out exactly what the career would be like. I realized that it was not a good fit. While in school I also started a little crafting business to keep working with my hands. Realizing I couldn't' make a living on my crafting business and that being a teacher was not going to work out. I searched for a career that could fill both of those desires for me.

That is where I settled on becoming a Real Estate Agent. I found that parts of it did require some hands on work. (though not as much as I enjoy). From there I've grown in love for Real Estate and my understanding. Let me dive in to tell you what I like about Real Estate. Both as a career and as an investment.

Career Standpoint

The four fundamentals for human survival are food, water, air, and shelter. These are things people need! Not just desire... but they need or they will die. Shelter. That takes many different shapes but it does not change that it is essential. That is what my job revolves around. Helping people purchase and sell their shelter. There is always going to be a demand for homes. I can always find an avenue for making a living and helping others within the housing market.

Another amazing thing about Real Estate is that it is a limited resource. There is a finite amount on Earth. That means that you can't just make more. It's something tangible and physical. What does that mean? The market can influence it but it has a more sturdy backbone.

Investment Standpoint

A large part of the career pros also highlight why it is also one of my favorite investment strategies.

A point I want to highlight is that physical alterations to Real Estate can increase the value making it something you can work or just sit on to make money.

Another thing is that there are many different avenues you can take with investing if you are smart and creative. You can flip old homes or build new ones. You can invest in raw land that looks promising with future growth or get yourself some rental units for some supplementary income.

I've highlighted what I really like about Real Estate but I believe it is fair to say that there are some cons. Since it is a physical investment there are physical things that can effect it. A home gets destroyed by a flood or a town loses it's main employment source and the market their flat lines. Because it is physical it also takes a good chunk of time to transfer ownership.

It also does not typically have as quick of a return as other investments. (these last couple years in Utah have been an exception) and requires a larger amount of capital up front.

It is not for everyone.

I like it. I understand it. I suggest it.

If you have any questions or want to toss some ideas around I love having chats about it! Give me a call!

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